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Rebuild Your Community (RYC) is the next generation e-community website and social media tool created for individuals who want to bring about positive local and direct change. RYC harnesses the power of online communities to draw attention to the issues or problems that matter most to people and helps them to build support around achieving change.
Rebuild Your Community is entirely free to use. Its website is combined with a fully integrated mobile app to allow people to upload pictures or video in seconds from their phones and to easily coordinate and engage with other community members in discussions about the issues that matter most to them. RYC is also fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter to ensure this conversation includes as many people aspossible. When problems are identified, the RYC e-Team automatically reports them to the appropriate entity for resolution and relays back any official responses. No longer will people have to search for the agency, government or department that is responsible. RYC also helps people apply pressure to officials to address problems by including a large, visible countdown clock to show how long the issue took to resolve.

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